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Name: Hannah

Nickname: Han or Hannahmaxx

Birthday: 1st June

Gender: Female

Pronouns: ….

Sexuality: Straight

165cm // ~5”5’

Time zone: AEST 

What time and date is it there: Tuesday 2nd of September.

Average hours of sleep i get each night:
 Uh, around 6 or 7… 8 if I’m like really really lucky

Otps: I ship Shannon and Jake… Shake O’Madams all day erry’day.

The last thing i googled was: How to spell opposed because I needed it to text Carlo.

Phrase(s): I call everyone Dove, does that count? Also “awh yeah.” As you can see, I don’t really say anything too interesting… Like ever.

First word that comes to mind: Cadillac  (please don’t ask why because I have no flipping’ idea)

What i last said to a family member: To my younger sister, I practically yodelled at her that, “I DON’T LIKE RED BULL.”

One place that makes me happy & why: The gym because it’s a really good atmosphere and filled with hard working people… Or anywhere with Shannon because she’s da bomb dignity.

How many blankets i sleep under: In winter? Like 3. In summer? What’s a blanket

The last movie i watched in the cinema: Deliver Us from Evil

Three things i can’t live without: Internet, music and cameras

Something i plan on learning: How to say no when I want to instead of being too much of a push over.

A piece of advice for all my followers: Tumblr makes me seem cool… Instagram says I’m actually really lame.

You all have to listen to this song: I got nothing but uh, anything by Alex Goot is a pretty good place to go.

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Ladies and gentlemen, a round of applause the talented crew of Supernatural. 

My cat is one of the things I love the most in my life. He is basically my best friend. He helped me through a very difficult time when I was depressed. I love my tattoo because my dad was the one who created it, so in a way it is unique. 
Pernambuco, Brazil
Created By Serretti. Done by Akio Irie at Irie Art Tattoo
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